EDUINO Ambassadors – Initiative to affirm the contribution of the most dedicated teachers

About the project

In order to publicly express genuine gratitude and respect for the teachers who painstakingly and dedicatedly recorded video lessons and materials day and night for the collective platform for education in Nort Macedonia, Orion was engaged to create a public recognition concept called EDUINO-Ambassadors or Ambassadors of Knowledge. This concept was created with the purpose to recognize the commitment of the most hard-working and dedicated teachers, who contributed to the creation of a complete digital library of video lessons for all the curricula and grades in primary and secondary education. The concept implied public recognition for the most dedicated teachers, selected based on previously set criteria.

Orion developed individual video interviews with all Ambassador:

  • EDUINO Ambassadors – Address of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia – Stevo
  • EDUINO Ambassadors – Address of the Minister of Education and Science – Mila Carovska – 476
  • EDUINO Ambassadors – Address of the acting director of the Bureau for Development of
    Education – Zekirija Hasipi
  • Albanian video: EDUINO Ambasadorë – Iniciativë për afirmimin e kontributit të mësuesve më të
  • EDUINO Ambassadors – initiative to affirm the contribution of the most committed teachers
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