Interactive questionnaire towards perceptions and attitudes of the public towards climate change

About the project

Here we present the results “Public opinion on Climate Change” obtained from the public survey conducted in October 2019. It shows how effective have been the climate change communication and engagement activities in the past two years. In accordance, it will help to better shape and communicate further activities, with a final goal to improve climate change governance in the country.

Key activities covered by Orion in this project:

  • Technical development of the questionnaire (in Macedonian); Technical adaptation of the questionnaire in Albanian and English,
  • Integration of the data in the PowerBi tool, setting up “live” visualizations and setting up background databases – Link:
  • Technical maintenance in the period of 3 months and hands-on training for the institution employee that will monitor the tool
  • Development of graphic elements and branding for the questionnaire;
  • Analysis of the collected responses, Preparation, and delivery of a final report of the questionnaire responses – Link:
Octobet 2019
SPFCSE, End-client: UNDP MK, Ministry of Environment & Physical Planning of Macedonia