Macedonian Renewable Energy Platform

About the project

At Orion Marketing, we’re proud to partner with the Macedonian Association for Solar Energy, “Solar Macedonia” in developing, a comprehensive web solution designed to accelerate North Macedonia’s transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

This innovative platform acts as a one-stop shop for individuals, businesses, and organizations seeking to embrace a cleaner future. Here’s how we facilitated connection and empowered action:

  • Streamlined User Experience: We designed a user-friendly platform featuring a list and map function, allowing users to easily find and connect with local companies, installers, and individuals offering solar energy and energy efficiency services.
  • Funding & Education Hub: The platform provides a centralized location for accessing crucial information on calls for grants, funding opportunities, upcoming events, trainings, and workshops.
  • Career Opportunities & Industry Standards: We integrated features to showcase job openings in the renewable energy sector and provide information on essential standards and certifications for solar equipment and installations.
  • Engaging Content & Success Stories: The platform stays up-to-date with the latest news, and technology updates, promotes success stories, and offers a platform for users to share their journey towards clean energy. represents a collaborative effort to empower North Macedonians with the knowledge and resources needed to embrace a sustainable future.

Macedonian association for solar energy, "Solar Macedonia"