Building a Thriving Future: Thriving Communities Website for Korimako

About the project

Orion Marketing is proud to partner with Korimako in developing the website for the inspiring Thriving Communities initiative. This collective empowers communities to create lasting change and thrive in the 21st century.

We developed a user-friendly and informative platform that serves as a central hub for:

  • Comprehensive Information: Explore Thriving Communities’ story through the “About Us” section, detailing their approach, locations, collective, funders, projects, and the driving force behind their mission.
  • Community Showcase: The “Communities” section highlights the communities where the initiative drives positive change.
  • Investment Opportunities: The “Investment Portal” provides clear information on investing in Korimako’s core programs and community projects.
  • Key Focus Areas: The “Key Work Areas” section explains the core areas they focus on to transform their member communities.
  • Engagement Opportunities: The “Get Involved” section provides clear ways for individuals to contribute to the Thriving Communities movement.
  • Shared Learning: The “Learning Space” section features learning events and insightful articles, fostering collective knowledge.

The Thriving Communities website is a vital tool for fostering collaboration and empowering communities to thrive. We are proud to have developed a platform that effectively communicates the initiative’s mission and inspires action.