#SkopjeSeZagreva Open Data

About the project

In October 2018, our agency, Orion, was contracted by SmartUp – Social Innovation lab, the UNDP office, the City of Skopje, and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, to use our expertise in Power BI to visualize data collected from #SkopjeSeZagreva, a field study of household heating practices in the Skopje Valley. The study was conducted on a representative sample of 5044 households in the Skopje Region.

The solutions include a fully customized user interface, graphic elements, copywriting, development of scenarios, translation, manual preparation, and marketing for the tool. It was used to gain insights into government activities, such as subsidizing pellet stoves and their impacts on specific areas, as well as how socioeconomic factors influence decision-making, awareness, and how they interlink. The tool also helped the City of Skopje evaluate the progress in the implementation of the Climate Change Strategy – Resilient Skopje and determine what has been implemented, what funds were allocated, and how much was spent.

Short versionhttps://www.skopjesezagreva.mk/data-on-fire/
All data & Scenarioshttps://www.skopjesezagreva.mk/all-data-on-fire/

Power BI is a tool that helps organizations become data-driven, and at Orion, we use it for its automation of dataset integration, ease of expansion into new data sources, and rapid visualizations that are easily deployable.

October 2018
SmartUp - Social Innovation Lab, end-client: UNDP MK