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Skopje Inspectorate: Empowering Transparency through Open Data

About the project

We have partnered with SkopjeLab and the City of Skopje Inspectorate to unlock the power of open data. This initiative leverages Power BI to digitize and visualize crucial inspectorate data sets.

Benefits of Open Data:

  • Informed Business Decisions: Open data empowers businesses in the sector to design data-driven plans, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: City officials can leverage open data to make swift and impactful decisions regarding public services and resource allocation.
  • Improved Monitoring & Evaluation: Open data facilitates a more transparent and accountable monitoring process, allowing for continuous improvement in achieving inspectorate goals.
  • Collaboration & Innovation: Sharing data fosters collaboration between the Skopje City Inspectorate and other public institutions, leading to better solutions for challenges like cleanliness and environmental protection.

This open data initiative empowers stakeholders with the information they need to build a cleaner, more efficient Skopje.

Skopjelab; End-client: City of skopje