Skopje Circular Economy Map: A Collaborative Hub for Sustainability

About the project

Unveiling the blueprint for a sustainable future in North Macedonia, we’ve developed the Skopje Circular Economy Map using Power BI. This interactive dashboard goes beyond data visualization, offering a platform for exploration and collaboration.

A Sea of Insights:

Dive into a world of interactive graphs, contextualizing and illustrating the data gathered during the mapping process. Understand how key parameters like actor type and priority areas correlate with each other, gaining a deeper understanding of the circular economy landscape in Skopje.

Sparking Discussion & Collaboration:

Pilot-tested in workshops, the dashboard proved its value in sparking and structuring discussions. By providing a more tangible way to interact with the data, it helped participants grasp underlying implications and identify opportunities.

Building a Shared Future: Open submissions are now welcomed for projects potentially missed during the initial mapping. This collaborative approach fosters collective intelligence and empowers all stakeholders in North Macedonia’s circular economy to make data-driven decisions.

The Skopje Circular Economy Map is an evolving resource designed to empower informed action towards a more sustainable future.

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